About Us

 Meet Latasha, A Chicago native born and raised on the southside of Chicago. Owner, Creator & Designer of Sassy Sips & Personalized Creations by Tasha LLC. Open minded with a true love for crafting, decorating, and a strong passion for art & design. Often being referred to by my peers as Creative, Innovative and  A Visionary with an extreme attention to detail. A team player, outgoing and dedicated, I have always had a desire to continuously learn what's new in all things design related. 

In the Spring of 2020, after making personalized wine glasses for a couple of  friends, the demand from others became increasingly high at a rapid rate. Feeling Inspired, I then decided to take a chance and step out on faith, I wanted to embrace my artistry and share it with the world. I had a vision to push my creativity to a new level and from that vision Sassy Sips & Personalized Creations by Tasha was born.