Personalization Instructions....It's easy as 123

    •  We Offer Free Personalization with all of our Products. 
    • Ordering is as easy as 123...see the 3 easy steps below:
    1. Choose your GLASS ( example: Stemmed Glass)
    2. Pick your COLOR (example: Pink)
    3. Add the NAME to be printed on glass (example: Susan) 
    *Please use box 4, if you would like to add more detail to your glass for example, Add Pearls, Add Roses, Add Blue & Red to my Glass or Add Stones around the rim of glass
    Please be sure to select the correct "GLASS TYPE" and double check your spelling and color selections before placing your order, All sales are final.
      • Personalized Glassware=  Name & Color Preference: 
      To Personalize your order, please include the following information for each individual product Glass Type, Design Color Preference & the Name to be displayed on Glass

        • Custom Glassware=  Logos, Pictures & Themes: 
        For Customized Glassware please follow Personalization Instructions above. use BOX 4 to specify if you want a  Logo, Photo or a particular theme (example Mickey Mouse,420, Pimp Cup ect...). The next step is to Email a copy of your Logo, Photo and or Theme to us at along with your name, order number, phone number & detailed instruction of your vision and we will respond back within 24hrs. Please be advised that Logo, Photo & Themed glasses are only available in 20oz Stemmed or Stemless glasses and Mugs, Customized orders take longer to process and ship.
          Please feel free to contact us at: 800-401-5584 if you have any further questions