Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I place my order correctly?
 A. Placing your order is as simple as 123...  Choose the glassware type you're interested in ordering, please be sure to select the correct style of glassware
(example: Stemmed, Stemless, Mugs), and add it to your cart please be sure to personalize your purchase by adding your personalization info ( name & color) in the box provided next to the product there is also a box for specific instructions for your design such as add peals, add roses, or if you would like to add stones near the rim of the glass. Please review our Personalization Instructions for step by step details.
Q. How long before my glassware is created and shipped out?

A. Most of our orders are processed and shipped within 7-10 business days from DATE OF PAYMENT. Please keep in mind that everything is uniquely hand designed for each customer, so we thank you for your patience. No Deposits, Partial Payments or COD's accepted, all orders must be paid in full including taxes & shipping/delivery charges before an order is filled. Please be advised that Custom Orders & Large Scale orders may take longer to process and Ship (approx. 7-14 business days). 

Q. How do I order a customized glass with my Business Logo, Photo and/or Theme?

A. To order a Photo Glass, Business Logo Glass and/or Themed Glass, please email us at, and specify Logo, Photo or Theme in your Email, along with your name, order number, phone number & detailed instructions. For Photo Mugs specifically please submit a total of 5 photos per mug and we will respond back within 24hrs. Customized orders take longer to process and ship (approx. 7-14 business days)

Q. What if my glassware arrives to me broken or damaged during shipping or has a personalization or customization error?

A. Please review our Return & Exchange Policy for more information.

Q. How do I care for my Personalized or Custom Glassware after purchase?

A. All of our products come with "A Care Instructions tag" attached. Our products are Hand Wash Only & Do Not Soak! Our products are NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Please be advised that glassware needs an additional 30 days to fully cure. please follow attached instructions on all glassware to ensure longevity.

.Q. Can I purchase the same exact glass shown on product page?   A. Unfortunately, no 2 glasses are exactly the same! the pictures are used as inspiration to customers and are visuals from my previous designs for previous customers...but we will do our best to accommodate your personal request if you have one by following a particular design style just leave instruction of your vision in the box provided when placing your order. Please keep in mind that all glasses are uniquely hand designed and made to order. We do not have templates or design images to follow. Simply choose your Style of Glassware (ex. stemmed or stemless, mug or shot glass), Your Personalization Request  either a name or slogan) & finally your colors off choice and leave the rest up to us, We'll gladly take it from there! 

Q. Do you provide Rush Orders & Express Shipping?

A. Yes, we do! We actually provide both. All of our personalized glassware orders require at least a 7 business day window to process and ship . Any orders that are requested before 7 business days will be required to pay a RUSH FEE of $15.00 extra per order not including  Express Shipping cost. Customer are required to pay the additional Express Shipping Fee if applicable..